About Me

Stamford Childminder after school club - Our house

Hello and welcome to my website! My name is Tina and I became an Ofsted registered childminder in May 2007. I live in Stamford, Lincolnshire with my husband Karl, our son Kian and our daughter Eden.

We have a spacious family home on the Rutland Heights estate with a large, safe, fully enclosed back garden and separate playroom. We have two dogs and a two cats, all of which have extremely good temperaments and are great with the children.

stamford-childminder-afterschool-care-kids-clubThe dogs have their own special area of the garden so that the grass is kept clean for the children to play on all year round. All of our pets are very good natured and the children in my care quite happily stroke the dogs and chat to them through the gate. They dogs think the world of the children and they them and the same goes for our cat Ollie. He’ll withstand quite a lot of stroking and tail pulling before he escapes to the calmness of his own room upstairs! He never gets angry and seems to understand that the children are just curious and mean him no harm. Although I trust our pets completely, it goes without saying that any interaction with your child would always be supervised.

Let me tell you a little about myself. I’m a true Stamfordian and was educated at Bluecoat and Queen Eleanor schools. I’ve always wanted to work with children and whilst at secondary school carried out my work experience at a local nursery. I have to admit whilst I loved playing with the children and making sure they were happy and healthy, my experience of that particular nursery environment really disappointed me, it wasn’t what I expected at all. Of course I realise that not every nursery is the same, but I always thought that when I had a child I would much prefer them to go to a childminder. To be totally honest my experience at that nursery is the reason I never went into working in childcare. Instead I went into administration work and had a successful career for 15 years until the birth of my son in July 2007.

Why Choose a Childminder?

So, why choose a childminder for your childcare needs? If I needed childcare my reasons for choosing a childminder, and the great advantages in my opinion, are that the children get plenty of individual time due to the small number being cared for at any one time, they are able to be spontaneous in their play, can keep to their normal routines, eat foods they like to eat at home, develop at their own pace without any expectations and experience a warm, loving home from home environment. I’m now lucky enough to be the childminder and it’s the best job I’ve had by far.

stamford-childminder-afterschool-club-kidsAs a childminder, my aim is to provide a warm, safe, caring and ultimately fun environment in the absence of mum and dad. I remember being little and being cared for by a family friend whilst my mum was at work and it can be a pretty daunting thing for a small person. I want the children in my care to feel happy and confident enough to be themselves and to treat my home like their own. I include plenty of structured and free play time with story times each day and trips to the park, to feed the ducks, to the farm and other planned outings with parent’s permission on a regular basis. I’ll treat your child with the greatest of care and respect whilst they are with me, as if they were my own but with your guidance on all the important things like behaviour, meals, nap times, etc. You are the most important person in your child’s life and developing a good relationship with you as parents is paramount so that I can offer you the best service and your child the best care.

If you would like to visit to see if your family would be happy in my care please telephone me for an informal chat or send me an email detailing your care requirements and we can take it from there. Hope to speak to you soon!

Take care,