About Stamford

Stamford traces it roots back well over 1000 years and is rich in history and fable. Stamford’s rise began in the 9th and 10th centuries when it became one of the 5 controlling boroughs of Danelaw.

Since these times of old Stamford has grown from strength to strength and was named the best place to live by the Sunday Times news paper in 2014. More on here.

There are currently in excess of 20,000 “Stamfordians” in our beautiful town however this is expected to rise with the town’s booming house building industry. Sites such as Rutland and Casterton Heights will soon be joined by a new development opposite the very popular Malcolm Sargent School.

Popular attractions include Burghley House which hosts a number of major events such as the Burghley Horse Trails. These events usher tourists from all over the world all keen to wonder at the delight of our historic town.


Stamford Bridge – crossing the River Welland


The Stamford Meadows. A great place to feed the relax and feed the ducks.

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