Hours of Care & Fees

Hours of Care & Fees

  • Day care (9am to 6pm): £4.00 per child per hour
  • Evening / Overnight (6pm to 9am): £6.00 per child per hour
  • Emergency / Short Notice / Ad-Hoc Care: £6.00 per child per hour
  • School run collection/drop off only: £3.50 per run per child
  • Wedding and Function care click here for more information

Outside Event Care: £8.00 per child per hour, £10 per child per hour after Midnight (Minimum 3 hours care). The full amount is payable prior to the event by cheque, bacs or in cash please.

The above hours are flexible and I am happy to consider hours to suit your individual requirements.

What I provide:

  • Hot and cold drinks
  • Healthy snacks and treats
  • Toiletries and nappy sacks
  • First aid provisions
  • Toys, books, games and art supplies

What I ask parents to provide please:

  • Nappies, wipes and barrier cream
  • Food for each mealtime your child spends in my care
  • Formula or breast milk in bottles for each feed and any specialty drinks
  • Any favourite toy your child cannot get through the day without!
  • Change of clothing and underwear
  • Fees for playgroup, nursery, outings and after school clubs

Food & Drink

I ask that parents provide food for each meal time their child spends with me and any speciality drinks their child may prefer. I am happy to prepare meals provided by parents for children with special diets due to allergic, medical or cultural reasons with parental guidance. Children I care for after school will be offered a healthy snack to keep them going until teatime at home. Healthy drinks will be offered regularly throughout the day.


Monthly in advance please

My Childcare and Childminding Policies

Please contact me for further information and my chilcare policies

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