Maddie and Ellie

Tina looked after my two daughters over a number of years, mainly after school.  I had previously struggled for some time to find someone suitable and had been let down or disappointed by other carers. What a breath of fresh air Tina was!  She offered a mix of enthusiasm and fun, together with strong values around care and safety.  That, for me, provided the perfect combination.  I was able to go to work and not have any worries about my children.  I knew they would be well looked after and suitably entertained.

My daughters are teenagers now.  They’re still very much in touch with Tina, who continues to take an active interest in their development.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Tina to any parent who’s keen to get the right kind of care for their children.


Tina Dyson from Charlock Childcare has cared for my daughter Billie-Nicole (BN) for over 3 years, initially providing ad-hoc cover and then when I settled into permanent employment after school and holiday cover.  We have both been very happy with the outstanding care Tina provides.

Tina has a rather busy household but still manages to find time for each individual child getting to know their likes and dislikes.  My daughter on occasion has chosen going to Tina’s over being cared for by family members – Tina’s house obviously is far more exciting!

BN has always been the older child in the setting which has never been an issue.  BN loves the Dyson home/family.  I would like thank to Tina for making BN feel valued and cared for in this setting.

Lastly I would like to say we do not want to say ‘goodbye’ to Tina and her family just yet, we hope to use Charlock Childcare in the further for perhaps holiday cover if not more…

I would highly recommend Charlock Childcare to any Mum in the Stamford area.


Tina has been looking after our daughter Evie since the end of October 2009. From the beginning Evie was comfortable around Tina and settled in very easily. We also felt instantly at ease and knew that Tina was the right person for us.

Tina has set up a fantastic environment for the children with lots of stimulation and toys that cover all ages. Tina is excellent at interacting with Evie and the other children in her care, she is always involved in their activities and constantly keeping everyone entertained.

It is clear that Tina is very passionate about her job. We certainly consider her to be extremely trustworthy and a wonderful carer for our daughter.


George has been coming to Tina’s since he was six months old and this was the best decision for both us as parents and for George. Going back to work was a big enough wrench but knowing George was going to be properly cared for helped to ease the situation and the progress George has made throughout his time with Tina is tenfold.

We were so concerned that at a young age George was too young for a nursery environment and that he would not cope with the amount of hours we needed him to be cared for. We therefore wanted a more homely environment which has seemed to have suited George and nearly two years on he is happier than ever and thoroughly looks forward to going to Tina’s.

Tina provides a fantastic clean and stimulating environment which every child in her care seems to thrive on with regular trips out doing something new and exciting every day. With George being around children of different age ranges, both younger, a similar age and older, and the interaction Tina has with George we feel this has most definitely been a positive factor in his development. Compared to friend’s children who do not go to Nursery or a childminder George is miles ahead in his speech, understanding and behaviour.

Through out George’s time at Tina’s he has developed into a beautiful and well mannered little boy and Tina has become a very good friend to us all. When George turns three and goes to nursery it will be a very sad day for all of us. George has thoroughly enjoyed his time at Tina’s and I would definitely recommend Tina to anyone looking to put their child with a childminder.

Tina is a lovely lady who provides an idealistic, homely environment and definitely deserves plenty of credit when you see how each one of the children in her care has turned out.